Ecological Site Management

Glebe Contractors are actively involved in Ecological site work. It is of all importance to us that it is managed, protected and cared for properly. We have the expertise to help develop and care for your Ecological site.

Examples of sites we have worked on:

  •  Woodlands
  •  Wetlands
  •  Heathlands
  •  Wild Flower Meadows
  •  NNR (National Nature Reserves)
  •  SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest)
  •  AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
  •  Construction of Roads and Property Development

Our wide range of work we have done includes:

  •  Habitat Creation, Soil Scrapes, Hibernacula Construction
  •  Pond Creation and Restoration
  •  Board Walks and Dipping Platforms
  •  Track and Path Construction
  •  Carpark Construction
  •  Ditch and Dam construction for the control of water level in wetlands
  •  Sleeper Bridges
  •  Newt Fencing
  •  Wide range of fencing and boundary maintenance
  •  Cattle Grids and gates